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Everything You

Need to Know

About Axon-II

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Introduction to Axon-II

Axon-II: The New E.M.G.

Axon-II is a nerve conduction device (EMG) designed to find the nerve that causes chronic pain quickly and accurately. This pain testing device goes beyond what X-Ray, ultrasound, and M.R.I. scanners can see.

Axon-II is user-friendly. It can test all the major cervical or lumbar nerves from specific nerve roots within 20 minutes. Nerve measurements will be graphically displayed and the report or generic explanation can be edited and printed.

Watch the 10-minute video on this page to get to know Axon-II better.

Interested in Axon-II? Reach us at SCANAMED in Sebring, Florida for more details!

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Axon-II Specifications

  • Control: ASIS digital logic controller
  • System: Consists of the base unit (stimulus and response) mounted on a cart with a computer and printer
  • Dimension:
    • Height: 3' to 4'
    • Width: approximately 2.5'
    • Depth: 1' to 1.5'
  • Base Unit:
    • Height: 5’
    • Width: 12.5’
    • Depth: 5’
    • Weight: 11.5 lbs
  • Operation: Requires both hands to manipulate the controls (not a hand-held device)
  • Two LCD Displays: Stimulus Output 1’ X 2’
  • Response Potentiometer: 1’ x 4’
  • Three Outputs: 5 Hz, 250 Hz, and 2000 Hz—each with waveforms and modulations covered by foreign and U.S. patents
  • Output Maximum: 9.99 mA / 50 Volts
  • Resolution Measurement: Non-stepped gradient
  • Device Features:
    • Audible Function Changes
    • Power On
    • Test Modality
    • Automatic Calibration
    • Auto Low Power Warning/Flashing Red Light
    • Auto Power Up at 250 Hz Frequency Setting
  • Two Electrodes: One single large common ground 4" X 4", second gold tip electrode with disposable fiber saline impregnated
  • Potentiometer: Conductive plastic with less than 1% dynamic noise measuring the total amplitude of millivoltage and combined action potential and sub-threshold potential
  • Response: Graphic display and computer-printed hard copy capable
  • United States Clearances: FDA Class II device. Prototype granted Safe & Effective FDA marketing clearance on December 1, 1997.
  • European Union Class: I with CE mark

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